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Carma's Kids - Magic Valley Symphony

About Carma’s Kids

Carma’s Kids is a program of the Magic Valley Symphony and Magic Valley Symphony League to offer student musicians opportunities and encouragement to further their musical studies and broaden their musical horizons. Carma’s Kids honors the memory of longtime Symphony and League friend Carma Smith.

Carma’s Kids Practice Awards

Carma’s Kids sponsors the Carma’s Kids Practice Awards, recognizing students who demonstrate dedication to their instruments through daily practice. Award winners will be honored during a Magic Valley Symphony concert. First time winners receive a medal, returning winners will receive a recognition pin to place on their medal ribbon.

All past and present Carma’s Kids Practice Award Recipients are encouraged to wear their medals to each Symphony concert.

About Carma’s Kids (Magic Valley Symphony and Magic Valley Symphony League)


Students are required to practice at least five days per week for six consecutive weeks. Each practice session should be minimum 30 minutes. Teachers may vary this amount depending on the age and skill of their student. Students must have their parent or guardian initial after each completed practice session.

A completed Carma's Kids Practice Award Form needs to be submitted, with a parent’s and the music teacher’s signatures. These forms must be turned in at least a week before the next Magic Valley Symphony concert by the music teacher.

For more information, please contact Wade Gerber at 733-8989 or Jay Sneddon at 736-2447.