Wild About Idaho Photo Contest

Photographers, amateur and professional, were invited to illustrate the movements of Ferde Grofe's "Grand Canyon Suite:" Sunrise, Painted Desert, On the Trail, Sunset, and Cloudburst. We received nearly 400 entries. A word from the judge: "As with judging anything, it's always subjective. There were SO MANY incredible images. This should be the part where I complain about how difficult it was to select the images, but I think the more important point is, Idaho is blessed with some truly talented individuals; I suppose that would be like preaching to the symphony. . . "

Howard, Sunrise




Picabo Wildflowers
Chad Chorney

Judge's comment: "Another difficult category. So many deserving images. This image suddenly became apparent when I saw the stand of paint brushes. . . and I especially enjoyed the opposite colors of the sky and flowers."



Jahn, On the Trail


Sunset, Alpine Creek Lakes
Fred Stillings

Judge's comment: "Who doesn't know what a truly incredible sunset looks like? (I'm guessing 15-20 people will suggest
I don't). With this image, ethereal comes to mind.
So does transition, and the promise of there being
more to life than just life."



Howard, Cloudburst





Fall Morning
Shari Hart
Filer, Idaho

Of all the entries we could identify as the work of a non-professional photographer this unique image made the short list of nearly every Board member.



Sunrise, Selway Bitterroot
Leland Howard

Judge's comment: "OK, I'll admit I expected this to be easier. This image of the sun burning the mist off of the Selway truly inpires new beginnings and the vastness of life, and how very temporary we must appear to nature."



Chorney, Painted Desert




Fall Colors on Mores Creek
Greg Jahn

Judge's comment: "I struggled a little here. Vistas I might enjoy? Cute animals? The trail itself? I finally settled on "a trail I'd like to be on."



Stillings, Sunset




Cloudburst, White Clouds
Leland Howard

Judge's comment: "Talk about painting with light. Tranquility and chaos, in the same breath. It's no wonder we wonder. . . Easily my favorite image of the contest. Did I really just say easy?? "




Board Award


Camas at Dawn
Jerry Kencke
Jerry Kencke Photography.com

President's comment: several entries from this photographer were on my very short list of favorites and each special for different reasons, but this one is tops. Nothing depicts wild Idaho better for me than mountains and wildflowers.